Monday Minute - A Slick Way to Carry Documents


How many times have I taken the dinghy ashore with a wallet in my pocket and my shorts got wet? Or returned from shopping to find the dinghy soaked from a passing rain cloud? Ever get caught in a summer shower or thunderstorm? And if I need to carry a passport or some important but vulnerable document, it only complicates things.

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid wet shoes and pants/shorts when traveling to and from by dinghy, especially when there is wind and spray. But weather isn't the only concern. After a nice evening dinner ashore in the Carolinas, back at the dinghy dock we found our friend's inflatable dinghy was leaking and our shoes and pants got soaked as we precariously made it back to the boat.

I stumbled onto a solution I really like.

While preparing for my upcoming walk in Spain, I saw this nifty product at REI. It goes around the neck, under a shirt, and is large enough for a passport, license, money, and other valuables or documents.

My wife used hers last week on a tour of the White House, as strict security rules do not allow even a tiny purse. She forgot it was around her neck and occasionally had a slight panic attack that her purse was missing. But it worked so well she thinks it's a really handy way to carry necessary documents, credit cards, and cash.

This particular product has some features that may not be as important for cruising, such as the slash-resistant wire inside the neck strap, or the blocking material used to thwart unauthorized scanning of passport, credit card, and debit card chips. But perhaps these features are relevant after all.

The Pacsafe neck wallet is about $25, and makes sense to me, particularly when I'm wearing swim trunks with no pockets. I'm always going to have a shirt of some kind on for UV protection, so it will be out of sight but readily available. 

Have a great week.